If you want more visibility for your listings, check out our features page to get more information on how to make your adverts stand out!

Features Information

You can feature an advert when posting a brand new advert, or by editing an existing advert. Features land you more views; however it’s important to familiarize yourself with how they work, to choose the one that is best for you.

Un-Featuring your Ad:

An important thing to note about features is that once they are activated, the feature cannot be removed from your advert, or

transferred to another advert.

Multiple Categories:

If you feature your advert and post it in For Sale, your advert will show in the main category listings (For Sale) and in your chosen sub-category listings (Video Games). However the advert will not show as featured in Services, as the advert is posted in the For Sale category.

Extending Duration of Feature:

If your advert is still live, then you can re-feature your advert. We will send you an e-mail before your current feature is due to expire, so you will know that you need to re-feature the advert. To extend the duration of your entire advert, you will need to purchase the ‘Bump Up’ feature.

Cost & Payment Methods:

Once you select your chosen feature, and click on ‘Continue’ and you will be taken to the Payments Page, where you can view the price,including VAT. You can also view the payment methods we accept.

NOTE: It may take up to 4 hours during busy periods for your advert to re-appear at the top of the listings.


The process is simple. You click on the ‘Post an Ad’ button on the Pickpaydrop Homepage and create your advert. At the end of this process you will find a section titled ‘Make Your Ad Stand Out!’ You select the feature you want to use, and click on Publish once you have. The price will be listed at the bottom of your page before you cash out.


To feature an existing advert, the process is the same, however instead of creating a new advert you will be using an advert that is already listed in your ‘Manage My Ads’ menu. Once you find the advert you want to feature, click on ‘Edit’ and follow the process mentioned above.


If you click on ‘View example’ next to each feature on the ‘Post An Ad’ page, you will get a visual representation of how it works, however here are a few pointers.


The Priority feature marks your advert as ‘Priority’ for 7 days. Users can search specifically for adverts marked as ‘Priority’, and the label is displayed on your advert so it is more prominent in listings.


You can choose to feature your advert for 3/7/14 days. The advert will be displayed in the ‘Featured’ section at the top of the listings on rotation basis, and in the normal listings going down as new ads are posted.


The ‘Limelight’ feature places your advert on the Pickpaydrop Homepage for 7 days. The advert will, in the meantime, still show on the normal listings.

URL Feature:

The ‘URL Feature’ allows you to put a link on the advert. This feature will remain active on the advert until the advert expires or is removed. Once this feature is activated, the URL link cannot be replaced, so make sure you choose the right one.

Thump Up:

A ‘Thump Up’ will bounce your advert back to the top of the listings. This feature is triggered once, and you would need to pay for it again if you want to Thump your advert back to the top again after a few days. Once the advert is at the top, it will progress down the listings as per normal.

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