Adult Only Items:

- Adult Entertainment

- Enhancing Drugs

- Sex Toys


Prohibited Animals:

- To view a list of animals we do not allow on Pickpaydrop, click here.

Animal Parts:

- We do not allow the sale of protected species’ animal parts. This does not include taxidermy.


- This is considered to be a prescription only medicine (purified neurotoxin) by the MHRA.

Capital Bonds:

- These are not allowed due to the nature of the product and the risk involved if they are counterfeit.

Counterfeit / Replica / Trademark Items:

- Counterfeit, unauthorised replicas and unauthorised copies are not allowed.

- Copies include (but are not limited to): pirated copies, duplicated items, backed-up or bootlegged.

- If the item you are selling bears the name/logo of a company, but was not made or endorsed by that company, do not post it on


Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia:

- Drugs banned under legislation.

- Prescription Drugs (incl. over the counter items).

- Items for the sole use to consume drugs.

- Legal Highs.

Virtual Items and Products:

- E-Tickets.

- Domain Names.

- Online Accounts.

- FIFA Coins.

- E-Books.

- Virtual Merchandise.

- Other Digital Products.

Firearms and Ammunition (even if legally available):

- Guns.

- Ammunition.

- Air Guns.

- Replica Guns and Silencers.

- Paintball Guns or their ammunition (but we do allow paintball paraphernalia).


- This includes fireworks available in high-street stores.

Football Tickets:

- It is illegal to re-sell tickets to professional football matches occurring in England & Wales, or matches involving England or Wales.

- Pickpaydrop does not allow tickets for FIFA, Scottish, Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland football matches.

- Contact the FA or relevant club directly for information on exchange options available.

GPS Signal Blockers

Hate Organisations:

- All hate organisations are included, regardless of age and historical significance.

Human Parts / Remains / Services:

- Organs.

- Bone.

- Blood.

- Waste.

- Sperm.

- Eggs.- Donor / Surrogacy / Fertility Services.

- Used Pregnancy Tests.

Lottery Tickets:

- Due to laws in the UK & Republic of Ireland, lottery tickets are not allowed.

Nazi Memorabilia:

- SS Uniforms.

- Portraits of Hitler.

- Swastika Items.

- Nazi Propaganda.

- etc.

Parking Permits:

- Your local council issues permits which are not for re-sell.

- Contact your local council should you wish to pass on your own pass or your visitor permits on.

Personal Information or Mailing Lists:

- We do not allow the sale of bulk emails / Internet Protocol (IP) / Instant Messenger (IM), or Mailing Lists which contain names /

addresses / phone numbers / other personal identifying information.

- Tools or Software designed predominantly to send unsolicited commercial messages (UCE or ‘spam’).

Red Diesel:

- Due to legislation specifics, we do not allow the sale of Red Diesel.

Security Tag Removal Items

Stolen Items:

- The sale of stolen property is strictly prohibited and we will do everything we can to support the police in bringing about the successful

conviction of any offenders.

- For similar reasons, we do not allow the sale of Blocked Phones or No Signal Phones.


- It is illegal to sell any supplements containing DMAA.

Tobacco and Tobacco Products:

- Cigarettes / Cigars / Loose Tobacco.

- Bongs / Water Pipes.

Train and Coach Tickets:

- It is illegal to re-sell rail tickets in the UK (including Eurostar Tickets & local travel cards), unless you’re an official distributor.

- Coach tickets.

- Contact the relevant coach/rail carriers directly for information on exchange options available.

Unlocked Hardware:

- Gaming Consoles.

- Copied games / DVDs / Computer Software.

- R4 cards are not allowed, with or without console.

Unlocking Software:

- Software to help you ‘unlock’ any electronic items.

Used Underwear:

- Briefs / Knickers / Thongs / Boxer Shorts / Nappies / etc.


- It is illegal to buy or sell votes in the UK.

Weapons and Knives:

- Safety Concerns as well as National Laws mean that no weapons or knives can be sold on Pickpaydrop.

- Chef and Kitchen Knives.

- Crossbows and Archery Sets.

- Historical and Ornamental Weapons (like Samurai Swords and WWI Bayonets).

- Knives as a part of cutlery sets are allowed.

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