Your advert has a duration of 30/60 days, depending on the category you post in. There are instances however where we delete or place

your advert into ‘Edit Mode’ if we feel that your advert and its content do not satisfy our posting rules or policies.


If your ad breaches Pickpaydrop Posting Rules, our Terms and Conditions or is against the spirit of the Pickpaydrop site then we will

remove your ad.

Rules Breach:

In most cases, we will send you an e-mail explaining why we had to remove your advert. If you have received an e-mail from us, but you’re still unsure why we removed the advert, please consult our Posting Rules for more information.


Your advert may have also expired naturally; adverts are live for 30 days in most categories, and 60 days in Services/Jobs/Property. If your advert has expired, you can locate it in you ‘Inactive Ads’ and use a Bump Up feature if you want to put it back on the site.

Wrong Category:

If your advert was posted in the wrong category, we will remove it. Categories cannot be changed once an advert is posted, so you would need to post a new advert, which is why we delete it.

Temporarily Suspended Ads:

If something potentially suspicious about an advert is brought to our attention about an ad, we will temporarily remove the advert while we check it, and put it back live if nothing is wrong with it. If we don’t put your advert back live, please contact us for more information.


There are various reason why your advert may have been put into edit mode by us. When we put an advert into ‘Edit Mode’, we send you an e-mail explaining why and what we need you to change. Once you have made the changes and your advert abides by our rules and policies, you can re-publish the advert yourself.


To check whether your advert was removed by us or if it is still live, you can click on the ‘Manage my Ads’ tab on the Pickpaydrop Homepage, to go to your adverts menu. If your advert/s state one of the following, then you need to make some changes to your advert.Adverts removed by us (not asked to edit) will show under the ‘-Inactive Ads’ tab on your ‘Manage my Ads’ page.

Removed – Your advert has been removed by us due to breaking policy/posting rules.

Needs Editing – Your advert was placed in ‘Edit Mode’ by us, because we need you to make some changes to the advert. We will send you an e-mail advising you of this.

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