The page will give you all the sections you need to fill in to post your advert. Some fields may vary depending on the category you post in; here we will go through the basics.
Title: Ideally, this should be brief and precise. When people look for an item, the system will look for keywords in your title to pull up the advert. The more precise the title is, the better chance you have of your advert showing in the search.
Images: You can add up to 10 images to your advert. You can also choose the order in which they are displayed on the advert. The pictures cannot be larger than 9mb in size. The formats accepted are: .jpg / .jpeg / .gif / .png
YouTube Link: You can also add a YouTube link to the advert in a designated field if you want to add a video to the advert.
Description: Make sure you put a space after every full-stop here, otherwise the system will think you are putting a url link in the description, which is not allowed. Do not put offended or swear words in your advert, as we will have to remove it.
Price: This needs to be the actual price. Pickpaydrop is not an auction site. It is important to only put digits in, without the ‘£’ or commas or full-stops. 

URL Feature: If you want to add your website to the advert, you can do so here. This is a chargeable feature which costs £5. The link you choose cannot be changed once the advert is published.
Other Features: You can choose to add other features to your advert to increase views and the chances of sale.

  • Priority – This adds a Priority tag to your advert.
  • Featured – This feature will Limelight your advert on the listings page on a rotational basis.
  • Homepage Limelight – This will feature your advert on the Pickpaydrop Homepage for 7 days on a rotational basis.

Your Details: You can choose to be contacted by phone or by email, or both! Your phone number will be available on the advert, however your email address won’t. Your safety and privacy are important to us, which is why we always mask your real email address.
Cost of Advert: If you choose to feature your advert, or if you are posting in a chargeable category, the exact price you will need to pay to publish your advert will be displayed before you actually pay.
If after reading this article you are still struggling with posting an advert, 
 which takes you through the actual process step by step, and which includes more information about policies and pricing.

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