Adverts that breach our Terms and condition which includes the Posting Rules, we will remove the adverts and send the advertiser an e-mail explaining why the adverts were removed.
In most cases we refund adverts which are removed from our site; the process of re-crediting your original payment details may take up to 10 working days.
However, where the advertiser is not due a refund. The main reasons are:
-  If  you are intentionally breaching the Pickpaydrop posting Rules
-  If you have been previously warned that you have been breaking our Posting Rules
-  Under no circumstance do we refund Pet adverts or Massage adverts
-  If your advert is significantly miscategorised, and you are deliberately posting in the wrong category
-  If you continuously duplicate adverts on the site
-  If you remove your own advert, we will not refund insertion fees or feature fees
-  If you paid for an advert and the advert has gone live on the site and got exposure
-  If you purchase a feature and your advert goes live with exposure of the feature, even for a limited time
-  If you purchase a feature and change your mind about the feature you wanted to activate
NOTE: If your advert breached certain policy rules, but only requires a re-write, your advert will be placed into ‘Edit Mode’ and you will need to update it before you put it back on the site. Your advert will still be considered ‘Active’, so no refund will be issued. No time will be deducted from the advert’s duration or feature duration; once you put it back on the site, the time will resume as though it was never removed.
NOTE: The above list is not exhaustive. We reserve the right to remove adverts without issuing a refund if we feel that our rules or Terms and conditions are breached, whether directly or indirectly.

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